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Thread: New Dr. Dre From Detox !!!

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    New Dr. Dre From Detox !!!

    Dr. Dre Is Back !!!

    <em>I just wanna know where everyone stands with this new Dr. Dre...</em>

    Dr. Dre Feat. Jay-Z - Under Pressure

    Video below "Sorry N Shit" LALAL

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    waited all this time for this?...... =(

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    this is some leaked unfinished product you cant judge that shit

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    this ain't the actual version like mistahx99 said it's leaked even dr dre sayed that in an interview

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    i like jay z's part tho' he went off

    Quote Originally Posted by Blizzum
    waited all this time for this?...... =(

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    Sometimes when I hear Jay-Z on the radio I wonder if I'm losing IQ points. It would be comical to hear him with a verse followed up by tech. I'm an old Dr. Dre fan, but I hope there isn't anymore of this garbage on the detox when it finally gets released in 2056.

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    It was definatly Amazingggg performed live!

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