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Thread: "It's a classic just like Caribou Lou"

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    "It's a classic just like Caribou Lou"

    Soooo this morning when I got on Face Book, I jus decided to read some of the comments people have left on the KC Tea video...and that is what a few people said. Now, honestly, I do not know how people can even call Caribou Lou a ic Tech song. Yeah, that's usually the first song all these new fans hear...which sucks cause back in the day before Everready, the song that got a lot of people hooked on Tech was either This Ring, Imma Tell, or pretty much anything on Anghellic or Absolute Power. I already know how lots of you feel about this new "wave" of Tech fans...but how do you feel about people saying the above quote? I think there is a difference between a ic, and just a song every kid in high school knows.

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    this is very old news...

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    I like Caribou more than KC Tea. I think Caribou Lou is a ic. It might not be as deep as other Tech songs I enjoy, but it has become a staple in Tech shows much like Im A Playa. It means its time to get a fresh drink, sway back and forth, and feel the energy. I haven't seen him perform KC Tea so that might be the time I start appreciating the track.

    Just because a song is fun and isn't serious doesn't mean it blows. Thats a big reason I like O.G. It's the essence of Tech's love for his home town. I think you expect too much out of Tech and his fan base. I'm glad you enjoy his other music though. Much love homie.

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    that sucks. i'd still like to know how people feel thanks for lettin me know it's very old news though. appreciate it.

    oh and Bassel it's, This Ring...not The Ring. We're not watching a lame ass movie about some girl who lives in a well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pimp Limp
    this is very old news...

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    It's the same kinda song of course people are going to link them

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    that makes me sad to see people that....... narrow minded? i mean, some people i know who first hear Tech are like 'all he talks about it sex and drugs' coz of I'mma Tell lol. then they go listen to Lil Wayne =/ but to say CARIBOU LOU is a IC.... means they don't listen to Tech enough. I've only listened to Tech for like 3 years, so i guess i'm part of the new wave of fans lol, but i can't stand Caribou Lou,

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    I don't care what anyone says, Caribou Lou is a ic lol. And it shits on KC Tea.

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    It is a ic. I know people that caribou lou is the only Tech song they like and I'm ok with that because they still buy concert tickets

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole
    I don't care what anyone says, Caribou Lou is a ic lol. And it shits on KC Tea.

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    Everybody I know loves to drink Caribou Lou, and it's even better when you're drinking it while listening to the song. It may not be deep,m but that doesn't make it a ic. The entire Everready album is ic.

    Song-wise and drink-wise
    Caribou Lou > KC Tea

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    As long as they buy his albums I don't really care what they say

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