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Thread: snow tha product

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    snow tha product

    Do you think snow tha product would be a good artist for strange music???

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    You kno there's already hella post on this topic. For those who like her will say Yea others who dont will say no simple as that

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    i think yes her or liz suwandi would be a great lady on strange but shes doing her own indie thing though so yeah

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    Senior Member Justin916's Avatar
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    Fuck no. But like said above your like the 100th person to start this exact same thread

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    I think she would be a great fit for Strange Music,she's definitely got the flow but krizz and tech also said that they look for great performance as well and she doesn't seem like she pulls it off to good cuz she hardly raps on stage but she's got flow fo sho

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    really diggin' snow. Her "unorthodox" mixtape's very cool! dunno if she'd fit in strange though. as Rodrick said above, she's doin her own indie thing and I think thats cool! Lookin forward to that feature with Krizz!

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    I'd tap it

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    hell nah!fuck that we all need Liz Suwandi,close thread!

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    Liz Suwandi is awesome nd would make a good fit for strange music but we need a female rapper on the team. Snow the Product got mad skill nd a sick flow. She would be perfect in my eyes, nd as far as her stage show...working wit tech will help her

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