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Thread: Lets Play A Game. "Famous Last Words"

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    Lets Play A Game. "Famous Last Words"

    The Game is called Famous Last Words

    <em>For example...</em>

    <em>"Nice doggy"</em>

    <em>"bet you i can make it"</em>

    <em>"Ya'll wanna see some shit"</em>

    <em>See? its easy, what would be some of your Famous Last Words?</em>

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    'i bet i can jump down these stairs and land on my side'

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    "Nigga please...."
    "Let's see who could do more."
    "He's not gonna do shit."
    "Oh shit."
    "Did you see that shit?"
    "Did yall see that shit?"

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    Senior Member Nick James's Avatar
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    I got this.
    Alright, Bet.
    Check this shit out. My dad doesn't know i found the key.
    You'll go next right?

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    i cant believe im actually doin this... *Jumps*

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    LOL 2 all so far.

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    bullshit u noone can do it watch this

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    how much?

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    i bet you won't.
    here it goes.
    holy sheep shit.
    sorry n shit.
    no no... this will work. i saw it on a youtbe video.
    i've decided to take my talents to Miami.
    you can't hit me with a dart... 20 bucks

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    I like the YouTube comment, that was funny. As were a lot of the others.

    Mine would be...

    Fuck Me Running
    This is going to hurt, isn't it?
    Don't tell me I can't do it, watch this shit!

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