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Thread: Irv da Phenom??

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    Irv da Phenom??

    okay so whats his deal wasnt he a strange crew member like did the lighting and shit and now i see mixtapes that are on other labels or what?? just tryna get all this cleared upp oh and is he signin to strange?

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    I think he should sign to strange; king Gordy should too

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    yeah i just got that American Idol Reject by Irv and it sounds pretty fuckin good. it be nice if they signed him. hes been all over the place with strange as of late. so i guess we can always hope.

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    I hope Strange would sign him and Stevie Stone, Stevie Stone more though.

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    <p ="text-align:left">
    <p ="text-align:left">

    Is it just me or do they look alike

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    A lil bit but kofi kingstons from Ghana and his face is a lil slimmer n longer but I do see the similarities

    Quote Originally Posted by World Famous Dirty 530
    <p ="text-align:left">
    <p ="text-align:left">

    Is it just me or do they look alike

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    I also would also love for Irv to sign with Strange.
    He is great on the choruses and his verses are also the shit.
    Him and Kaliko are great singers and together they would add a lot of depth to Strange.
    Stevie is decent but I havent really heard much except for his work with Strange.
    I like Gordy, but to be honest I havent really enjoyed many of the Gordy songs I have heard since The Entity.
    That album is the shit, but when he declared himself the King of Horrorcore and started riding Juggalo nuts I wasnt as in to it.
    Irv would be my choice for the next artist on Strange.

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    Irv doesn't belong on Strange. He isn't near talented enough.

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    Oh... and morons... Kofi is from America. Its called a gimmick.

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    Irv will be on Strange EVENTUALLY I think.

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