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Thread: I wanna feel by b.g bulletwound ft. tech n9ne

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    I wanna feel by b.g bulletwound ft. tech n9ne

    it's kinda funny I see all these hardcore tech n9ne fans looking for rare tech songs and NOBODY has even mentioned the song "I wanna feel" by B.G. Bulletwound ft. tech n9ne.....I heard it first when I went to the tech show at the catwalk club in seattle in's on the absolute power tour sampler from 03 but just the said that it was a sample from G14 ified but when G14 ified came out it wasn't on there.....the song is dope.....kinda a laid back for the ladies type track, but it cuts out right when tech's verse starts and it starts off dope as fuck.....if anybody has the full version of this song or knows where to get the song please let me know.....thanks technicians

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    lol u can wikipedia Tech's discography and ull see that song on his guest appearances... that's how i got a lot of Tech features

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    ya that's a great idea except for the fact that for one thing that song isn't listed on wikipedia....and it definately was on the 03 sampler.....i'm tellin you it's the hardest to find tech song out there I swear......someone please help me get this song!!! I swear the only person I would be able to talk to about this song that would know something about it is either tech or B.G. bulletwound.....i've seriously been looking for this song since g14 ified came out years after it was supposed to

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