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Thread: Tech N9ne in Paris

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    Tech N9ne in Paris

    Amazing!!!!!! Only 100-150 people but motivated
    A list of songs (not the whole^^) :
    Tech :
    Stress Relief
    Riot Maker
    Welcome To The Midwest
    Midwest Choppers
    This Ring
    Bout Ta Bubble
    Blown Away
    I'm A Playa
    Blackened The Sun
    Leave Me Alone
    Like I Died
    Caribou Lou
    Like Yeah
    It's Alive
    & more...

    Krizz :
    Doe Doe

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    Looks like the same set from The Strange Days tour.

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    almost the same songs he did in oslo, only he didnt do areola, though i wish he would!

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    did he sing the whole The Ring in oslo?

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