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Thread: "Hate vs. Opinion"

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    "Hate vs. Opinion"

    Alright, so i just been thinking to myself lately , why is it when people state what their opinion is its all of a sudden a hatred or a jealousy thing. I posted on myspace a few weeks ago that I honestly believe that what I bring to the table in my music surpasses artists in my area cause what they bring is the usual radio type of tracks. I love those tracks dont get me wrong, I actually enjoy listening to the radio and independent keep the music coming, but if its all 1 direction it gets bland. So a group in my area said I was hating on everybody. When the fuck did an opinion become a fucking trait of a hater or signs of jealousy. I thought music was about expression of ones freedom, yet when artists do express themselves their considered haters and just jealous of success. Maybe its really just how they feel as an artist about the current trend of things. So when were told to "keep it real" and we do we get blasted, then if we keep our mouth shut were percieved as soft and pussy in nature. So as a member of I want to know your opinions. Why is when some artists really keep it 100 they are considered haters? I understand some artists are just bitching for no reason, but some have a valid argument. Ehh fucking went on a rant there anyways let me know your opinion on when keeping it real goes bad lol and

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    I embrace that I am a hater.

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    I was just talking about something similar today at work as a matter of fact. I think as a fan who spends his hard earned money and free time in order to go get the new shit ,I reserve the right to judge my so called investment and be extra critical at the same time.
    On the other hand it seems a lil different when its one artist critiquing another artists work in a way that isnt flattering.
    Maybe artists should just let thier body of work speak for itself instead of flat out judging a fellow peers performance. If any of your work or material is better than your peers then it will show and you will not need just come out and say it out loud. Let the work speak for itself.

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