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    I just started watching this last night. I've only seen one episode but holy shit...Its been awhile since i seen a movie or TV show that legitimately freaked me out. Its bad ass anybody else on here see it at all?

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    havent seen it but ive seen commercials for it. ive wanted to watch but idk when its on

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    its on wed at 10 on FX. gotta try and find the first couple episodes of this season to get the full idea of whats going on

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    I've only seen one or two episodes of the new season and I can honestly say I prefer the first season. I feel they're trying too hard with this one.

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    I liked the first season. Wasnt thrilled with the first 2 of Asylum but its starting to get a little more interesting. If you havent seen it though I would recommend checking out season 1. It is an entirely different show than this current season but I found it to be pretty addictive

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    I like the second one it's really starting to pick up

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    first season was one of the most epic seasons of anything ive seen thus far...2nd season is definately something different but im not feelng it as much as the first...its completely different...especially since they're bringing the holocaust into it with Anne Frank.

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