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    so i was at a bar on saturday night watchin the carwin- lesnar fight and i asked the dj to play some tech and he told me people would start fighting what a fuckin joke i even offered to go get my ipod and let him listen to it before he played any thing WTF

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    maybe if he played riotmaker
    but i think he should of definately bumped some fuckin tech!!

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    99% of Club DJ's are douchebag posers.

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    I've had a dj tell me that Tech is on his cannot play list

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    Strip club here if you tip the dj he will play anything you want and the girls have to dance to it

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Mulholland
    my cousin said he was at a local strip joint in my town the other night and the dj played Night n Day and My Cousin Went up to Him and Was Like Yo Play More Tech..The Dj Was Like Tech is The Greatist Ever But Nobody Ever Wants to Listen To It Here..So My Cuz Was Like Well Just Keep it Commin and He Played 6 tracks Straight..Shits Dope..Lap Dance to Tech..Illmatic

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    yeah djs that dont use wax WTF i dj'd for 5 years i never used computers or any of that shit i counted beats the old fashion way

    Quote Originally Posted by VIP
    99% of Club DJ's are douchebag posers.

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    ive heard a few tech songs at our strip club. freaky and girl crazy

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    Some kid told me they played a couple Tech songs at a club here in Chicago but most places don't want to play him. I wish I heard Tech being played at a bar.

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