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Thread: Raw Young Buck song

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    Raw Young Buck song

    i dont know if anyone has heard this but this it by far my favorite young buck song and i just heard it 2 days ago it goes hard as shit. down

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    Yea Lose My Mind is a wicked song, love the passion that clearly goes into it!

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    Young Buck is one of my favs. Buck the World is his best shit.

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    YES. im glad someone else likes this song

    Quote Originally Posted by Naveed

    this songs sweet too, has chester from LP on it

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    Get Buck is one of the best songs I liked from him.

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    definitely. he was the most talented in G Unit. i was really hoping while Game was on his G Unot compain, him and Buck were gonna do a track together. Buck is a beast. plus he's been on a Strange track, so that's dope.

    Quote Originally Posted by steven crow
    once young buck left g unit......that fool stopped being bitch and became raw

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    If young buck actually made more songs like this, I would start listening to him again!!

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