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Thread: Kicked it with them Strange niggas!

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    Kicked it with them Strange niggas!

    Last night the strange noize tour came too J Actionville in NOrth Cak A lack ya feel me...i pulled up baggin that Hey Hey Hey, and it set it off...Kutt Calhoun is one of the coolest niggas ive ever met! Drank some Caribou Lou with him, man we just party til early this morn, shit im still drunk haha just wanted to let yall know i was kickin it strange last night and lookin forward too more Strange in my life!

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    Kutt has been kickin it with everybody on this tour. This tour is the shit. Kutt is cool as fuck for real.

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    seriously man. Kutts came of his own since Raw and Un-Kutt came out. Hes really stepped his game up. hes tight as fuck

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    u kno ur white

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    my mother is but not my pops bitch, color dont matter G's come in all colors! If u wanna question my Gangsta bring yo ass to Jacksonville, NC u will come up missin!

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