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Thread: 3xl shirts

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    3xl shirts

    are strange music shirts made big or does a 3xl fit like a 2xl because i dont want to waist my money on a 3xl i cant wear

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    They run small.

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    thats what i figured thanks man

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    If you are talking about the 3xl jerseys...the jerseys run small. cause Tech wears a 3xl Lol and i know this because my street team head designed some Stevie Stone hoodies, and sent one to Tech. At the meet and greet Tech goes, I love the hoodie dude but the XL was too small for me Lol...I was like, really???? how is that possible. dude is like 5'7. Lol.

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    I have to get 3x just cuz the single x is smaller than I like n they don't do 2x

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