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Thread: I need to get a hold of Tech N9ne or Strange.

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    I need to get a hold of Tech N9ne or Strange.

    Perferably through e-mail, is there a way?

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    I'm sure they know about the gates cd surfacing online

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    Haaaaa...The snake and the bat light...That's dope...great idea for an 816 Boyz song/video if it ever happens.

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    Yeah tech's email is


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    They actually removed it? I have Travs email. But I only use it for beat submissions

    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon [813
    ]Yeah tech's email is


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    This. Awesome concept for a song and that would make a cool start to a video.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Crazy Englishman!
    They should make a video for 'Harvey Dent' and put that shit in it :L

    Quote Originally Posted by mrmagyk
    Turn on the snake and the bat light. He'll see and swoop in when you need him most.

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    Get in touch with an admin., they'll point you in the right direction if you're legit.

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