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Thread: Do you guys agree with this?

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    Do you guys agree with this?

    A while back I was reading a review of K.o.d. and in the comment section someone said this: "If you appreciate Tech
    N9ne, his life, and his story, you also appreciate how all of his
    albums are like a chronology of his life. Anghellic and Absolute Power,
    Tech talked about his battle with drugs a lot, and Everready was kind
    of like a tribute to appreciating life in and of itself. MLK was a
    great way for Tech to get his name out there more, collaborating with a
    wide range of artists and touching on some real issues in the world in
    tracks such as "I can feel it" and "Message to the Black man". Killer
    took a real look at the effects of his sex drive and losing his wife,
    and was real deep overall. Despite being long, the majority of tracks
    were quality. And Sickology I found to be a great statement that Tech
    can murder mainstream type songs better than those actually in the
    mainstream. It was just a display of talent.

    I love K.O.D., it's truly reminiscient of Anghellic and Absolute
    Power, which were great. Still, I dont think you can knock any of his
    albums, at the end of the day its all about preference. But none of
    them lacked skill, that can't be denied."I'm just curious if you guys agree with what he said because I do 100 %

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    Fuck ya i agree. Everything tech puts out is gold

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    such a wide range of songs.

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    Yeah I agree.

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    This is a good summary.

    Tech says himself, "I write my life"

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    Fo sho!!!

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