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Thread: Ok to make easier instead of best song ever...Top 5 Tech Songs From Each Album

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    Ok to make easier instead of best song ever...Top 5 Tech Songs From Each Album

    Ok I was suggested to do this, and it makes sense with it being more easy....His top 5 off each album...

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    Jus the strange albums or what?

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    his whole catalog I was preferring too, or what you are familiar with

    Quote Originally Posted by T-Rance-5592
    Jus the strange albums or what?

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    There is a lot of thinking that needs to go into many albums. Might not hit em all but i'll try.

    Calm Before the Storm: 2. Questions 1. Planet Rock

    The Worst: 2. SIMON Says 1. Get Blowed

    Anghellic: 5. Goin Bad 4. Einstein 3. Breathe 2. It's Alive 1. This Ring

    Absolute Power: 5. I'm a Playa 4. Slither 3. Trapped in a Psycho's Body 2. T9X 1. Yada, Yada, Yada

    Vintage Tech: 5. The Grench 4. Be Jealous 3. Strange 2. Mitch Bade 3. Now It's On

    Everready: 5. Jellysickle 4. Come Gangsta 3. Caribou Lou 2. My World 1. Riotmaker

    MLK: 5. S.O.S 4. That Box 3. Gangsta Shap 2. You Don't Want It 1. Midwest Choppers

    Killer: 5. One Good Time 4. Hope For A Higher Power 3. Let's Go 2. I Love You But Fuck You 1. Why You Ain't Call Me?

    Sickology 101: 5. Midwest Choppers II 4. In the Air 3. Ghetto Love 2. Blown Away 1. Red Nose

    KOD: 5. Show Me a God 4. Leave Me Alone 3. Blackened The Sun 2. Low 1. In The Trunk

    -- That was tough. Had to leave some really good songs out.

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    Just a few..... no order

    Anghellic- This Ring, Sinister Tech, Psycho Bitch, Einstein, It's Alive
    Everready- My World, Welcome to the Midwest, My Wife, My Bitch, My Girl, Riot Maker, The Rain
    MLK- That Box, Fan or Foe, Message to the Black Man, Gangsta Shap, The P.A.S.E.O or Midwest Choppers
    Killer- Like Yeah, Too Much, The Waitress, Pyscho Bitch II, Last Words
    Sickology 101- Nothin', In the Air, Midwest 2, Red Nose, Dysfunctional
    K.O.D.- Killing You, Leave Me Alone, Blackened the Sun, Low, The Martini

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    Calm Before the Storm- Questions
    dunno bout Celcius or The Worst =/
    Anghellic- God Complex
    Absolute Power- Keep On Keepin on? too hard....
    Everready- My World
    MLK- You Don't Want It
    Killer- Paint a Dark Picture, Can't Shake It, Last Words, Happy Ending
    Sickology 101- Far Away, Red Nose, MWC2
    K.O.D.- Horns

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    Ok, im just a wee lad, so im not all that much into his old shiza (Sorry N Shit).
    No particular order...

    Anghellic - Twisted, Cursed, This Ring, Breathe, Einstein

    Absolute Power - Slacker, Constantly Dirty, T9X, Trapped In A Psycho's Body, Im a Playa

    Everready - My World, This Is Me, Running Out Of Time, The Beast, Come Gangsta

    Misery Loves Kompany - You Don't Want It, Midwest Choppers, Message To The Black Man, P.A.S.E.O, Girl Crazy

    Vintage Tech - Now It's On, Freaky, My Own Hell, Mitchell Bade, Strange

    Killer - Hope For A Higher Power, One Good Time, Can't Shake It, Holier Than Thou, Crybaby

    Sickology - Red Nose, Dysfunctional, Sorry N' Shit, Far Away, Sickology 101

    K.O.D. - Blacken The Sun, K.O.D., The Martini, Shadows On The Road, It Was An Accident

    I also liked these songs off of the Strictly Strange CD:

    Money - Tech N9ne
    American Princess - Prozak
    7 Days - Krizz Kaliko

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    The Worst-Get Blowed, Planet Rock 2K, The Worst.
    Celcius-Celcius, Be Warned, All I Want.
    Calm Before The Storm-Questions, Now It's On, Relish.
    Anghellic-Devil Boy, Einstein, Who You Came To See, This Ring, and Tormented.
    Absolute Power-Industry is Punks, I'm A Playa, Here comes Tecca Nina, Imma Tell, and Constantly Dirty.
    Vintage Tech-Now It's On, Be Jealous, Victory, The Grench, and Strange.
    Everready-Riot Maker, Caribou Lou, Night and Day, Welcome to the Midwest, and Come Gangsta.
    MLK-Midwest Choppers, Fan or Foe, Big Scoob, That Box, and You don't want it.
    Killer-Like Yeah, Everybody Move, Why you ain't call me, Blackboy, and Crybaby.
    Sickology-Midwest Choppers 2, Sickology, Let Me In, Blown away, and Red Nose.
    KOD-B Boy, The Martini, Low, Strange music Box, and Demons.

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    Calm Before the Storm: Mitch Bade, Cloudy Eyes Stroll, Questions, Clueless, Soliders At War
    The Worst:Walk These Shoes, The Worst, Trama, Get Blowed, Mad Confusion
    Anghellic: This Ring, God Complex, Going Bad, Twisted, Einstein,
    Absolute Power: Im a Playa, Industry Is Punks, Imma Tell, Constantly Dirty, Trapped In Psycho's Body
    Vintage Tech: Now It's On, Freaky, Victory, Monster, Shocked
    Everready: Riot Maker, Welcome 2 the Midwest, Come Gangsta, R.O.O.T., Beast,
    MLK: You Dont Want It, PASEO, Midwest Chopper, Fan or Foe, Misery
    Killer: Paint a Dark Picture, Happy Ending, Cant Shake It, Too Much, Like Yeah
    Sickology: Midwest Choppers 2, Red Nose, Areola, Dysfunctional, Far Away
    KOD: Low, Leave Me Alone, KOD, Demons, Blacken The Sun

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    There's been a thread like this before but I enjoy it so what the hell:

    Calm Before The Storm - Questions, Cloudy Eye Stroll, Mitchell Bade, Now Its On, Bitch Sickness

    The Worst (both editions) - Strange, They're All Gunna Laugh at You, Niggas, Trauma, The Worst

    Anghellic - (both editions) - Breathe, Twisted, This Ring, Suicide Letters, Einstein

    Absolute Power - Trapped In a Psycho's Body, T9X, Industry is Punks, Absolute Power, Yada Yada Yada

    Vintage Tech (not counting songs from older albums) - The Grench, Red Necro, Monster, Victory, Freaky

    Everready - My World, Come Gangsta, This Is Me, The Rain, Welcome To The Midwest

    MLK - PASEO, Message to the Black Man, You Dont Want It, Fan or Foe, Midwest Choppers

    Killer - One Good Time, Crybaby, I Love You But Fuck You, Hope for a Higher Power, Last Words

    Sickology - Red Nose, Far Away, Blown Away, MWC 2, Dysfunctional

    K.O.D. - Leave Me Alone, K.O.D., Low, Killing You, Shadows on the Road

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