holla every one !
here's my new discussion..
i want some of you (who are reading this)
to listen to some Arabic rap !
on www.4shared.com
search for: Kozo, The Syrianz, Street Art
and try to find a song called: Come On Every Body
when you do,
i hope every one who did to comment what they think
does Arabic rap suck, rock, silly, idk watever u think !
I listen to American rap too..
such as Eminem, Bone thugs and of course T9 ..
and wat i think is..
love all, soooooooooooo
to finish this boring discussion i really hope ya'll do what im asking
and try a new experience by listening to Arabic rap !
(The Syrianz) have several song where they sing in English a little
such as Hit The Top, Hit The Top (remix), Come On Evry Body
they accent may stink but wtv right ?!
okeyyyyy waiting for ur replies.Peace out !