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Thread: Best new tech song

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    Best new tech song

    What do y'all think is the best song out of Insatiable, We do it Right, 1zie, O.G., What's yo psycho, and Jumpin Jax.

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    jumpin jax nd whats yo psycho

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    Quote Originally Posted by daniel
    jumpin jax nd whats yo psycho

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    whats yo psycho. Cause my homie demolish made that beat plus it goes hard as fuck

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    Whats yo psycho, Insatiable, OG, 1zie

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    Out of all of them i've mainly listened to whats yo psycho and we do it right, because of the fact those are two untouchable genres, I enjoy OG a hell of a lot, i'm just more into whats next for tech, and i think those two base very good situations.

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