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Thread: Why so much hate on sickology?

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    Why so much hate on sickology?

    I've noticed that majority of people on here rank sickology 101 as techs worst album?.why?.I know it's not the ic tech shit that most of us like but there is still some good stuff on that cd.just wondering.

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    I personally listen to sickology more than any other strange album.

    EDIT: I listen to Red Nose, Dysfunctional, Let Me In, Nothin, Blown Away, Ghetto Luv, midwest choppers 2,Far Away, Party and Bullshit, and Sorry and Shit. The others i pass but the only one i don't like it We Kixin It. I have never made it passed the first 8 lines. It just automatically puts me off. The beat and everything.

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    Tech has very inconsistent stuff on this album. It's all good, just that i skip a lot of the songs on there
    Tracks i loved: Midwest Choppers 2, Red Nose, Dysfunctional, Far Away, Poh Me Anutha, Sickology 101

    Ones i skip even though i have them on my itunes: Blown Away, In The Air, We Kixin it, Let Me In, Ghetto Love, Nothin

    The rest of the songs i'm missing i just don't like, tbh. i get Areola was a funny song, but i didn't really get into it much. Creepin also lost me after i few listens =/

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    i think its sick from top to bottom. my moms 48 and she loves loves ghetto luv she dances and sings it. and she likes poh me anutha thats onlt tho casue shes a acoholc i dont know how to spell that word lol

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    I fuckin loved sickology dude.I can't decide if MLK or sickology is my favorite collabo tho.

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    Hopefully the gates mixplate will top them both..I'm thinking it will

    Quote Originally Posted by T-Rance-5592
    I fuckin loved sickology dude.I can't decide if MLK or sickology is my favorite collabo tho.

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    I wonder the same too, I LOVE the Sickology 101 disc.

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    MLK is my least favorite...Sickology is fkn dope!!

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    this was the album that introduced me to tech, went and got all the other cds ofter that and now i can say that its not my fav but its still the cd that put me on to tech, sum songs on there like dysfunctional is the story of my life so def still diggin it.

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    Exactly, when u have so many great albums, something has 2 be at the bottom.

    Quote Originally Posted by Clark
    There are a lot of good songs on there but it also has more tracks that I skip than any other album. Its good but when you have as many ic albums as Tech does, something has to be at the bottom.

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