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Thread: Tech wants to collab with Eminem for his next album

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    Tech wants to collab with Eminem for his next album

    http://conspiracyworldwide.podomatic...04_35_38-07_00If Em doesn't collab with Tech now, hes just dodging him. If Em can collab with Young Money 4 TIMES in under 10 months then he can collab with Tech

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    ha Tech has always wanted to do something with eminem. He wanted to get em on the third verse of My World with Lynch, but Em was going through his wifey shit and proofs death so Tech didnt feel he would fully bring what he knew em can do. Its only a matter of time I dont care how many things eminem does with young money he making his money just like everyone else. A collab with Tech wont get eminems underground buzz up hes eminem people love him or hate him I liked him hated curtain call and relapse was sick and recovery is fuckin unbelievable.

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    hahaha I did the exact same thing....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siikez
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    Ha I don't give a fuck mainstream ha Techs worked how fucking long to blow up so now he is blowin up harder then ever and every hates it? Its all for the money in the end so mainstream more fans, strange blows up as an even bigger #1 independent record label. Tech already proved a lot with the FTI campaign giving absolute power out online for free and still selling 250,000 copies. If it don make dollas then it don make sense

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    Well at least the rumor of his next solo album title is cleared up. definately named "All 6's and 7's".

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    IMO mainstream rap is watered down rightnow and if tech does make it in the mainstream everyone should be happy for the nigga. not only does he deserve to blow up which he will once he hits mainstream but he'll be the realest motherfucker in the mainstream. we seen what he can do in the underground now it's time to take over the world. the only thing that'll bug me will be all the radio kids coming up to me about him like i ain't ever heard about strange but if that's what it takes then so be it

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    I'd love 2 see this happen, it can't hurt Tech, it'll just help get his name 2 even more people, which is what we all want.

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    yea tech says one of the beats he got for the new solo album, "All 6's and 7's", told him Eminem. I hope he and Em can make it happen

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