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Thread: 4Saykens (me) Newest Song

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    4Saykens (me) Newest Song

    This is the irst time ive posted a song of mine on this forum so you wont understand the difference but I usualy rap fast and slow with a bit of singing this is one of my old songs
    but recently ive changed my to give it a bit more of a rock feel
    now heres the point of this thread
    peep my newest song and tell me what you think
    and to add on it if yous want tell me if its towards a better direction with the way I flow
    compared to my old songs
    Constructive criticism only shot
    Im coming to you for advice
    if you like it ill stick my mixtape up on here

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    dope,just speak a bit clearer, that's all. dope though

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    I like the first one better. Not the most original but good flow and good delivery. The second one not so much but i liked the first one. But is that you in the pic of the first one?

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    thanks for the advice peepz
    yep that me

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