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Thread: Mixed Plate - Jumpin' Jax

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    Mixed Plate - Jumpin' Jax

    Now I'm sure this has been posted already but I'ma post it again, single off of the mixed plate. It's called Jumpin' Jax and it sounds fucking sick.Here's a snippet.

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    Your right. It has been posted before.

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    This makes 3 times

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Laird
    Your right. It has been posted before.

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    Sounds rediculously sick!!! Holy Shit thats the tech im talkin about mane!

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    Lovin that shit mixed plate is gonna be fresh!

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    I can't even fucking listen to it!!!

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    still complaining i see. get your ass a computer!

    Quote Originally Posted by T-Rance-5592
    I can't even fucking listen to it!!!

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    I don't have internet. I have a computer for all of my iTunes and shit.I jus don't have internet..

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    I guess I'm the only one who doesnt like this track. Sounds just like all his other strip club songs. He's a fuckin ballin ass rapper, why he need to waste his time in a strip club any fuckin way? I don't make a mill a year or nothin, but I don't need to spend my money on whores, let alone have to hear about them. He's got plenty of groupies, but 4 or 5 tracks on every album are dedicated to the lowest type of woman I want to spend time with. Pretty pathetic.

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