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Thread: FATHER'S DAY......

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    FATHER'S DAY......

    Yeah RT it's Father's Day what do I do on such an iconic special day?

    I rip pictures of your face away hoping between each half blood would funnel from the paper its printed on

    OH THANK YOU sperm donor for our absent bond

    That I thought was of no significance as a teen -Whateva It didn't have an impact on me

    Was my verbal routine, actually clues I couldn't see were rearing it's head in front of me

    I've NEVER felt protected or believed a father could love so genuine

    I have a twisted outlook, a sick sense in childhood

    Your lasting impression is one I do not often mention -FULL OF REJECTION-

    Yeah papa was a rollin' stone who needed constant female attention

    HE was another lil' whore ejaculating than running out the back door!

    God's gift U'RE NOT, a lyin' hoe w/ nothin' to show, but what didn't slowly trickle out of the pussy hole

    I guess I should be happy, cause I'm part of the sperm that made it

    THEN muthafucka you LT me in the forest naked...A FERAL CHILD-yes runnin' wild

    With out the gumption to show and prove-BUT I speak louder now

    Outspoken and proud, so gather round

    The fact that you weren't there for that molester semester

    I locked myself in closets, hopin' the next cock-n-balls that entered wouldn't be a "CHESTER"

    I'm so familiar now w/ the love and hate thing

    LOVE and HATING, so am I now forced to worship the labia lips?

    I CAN"T so I love big packages with rounded tips

    But the hate is considered equality

    I have not an ounce more of respect for:

    Jack vs. Jill

    A Barry vs. a Beatrice

    or a Feminist vs. a male chauvinist

    I should say THANK YOU for making me who I am 2day, but I'd put more trust in your bones to make me a compass & show me the way.


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    i like it!

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    Thanks! Yeah when I post things of this nature defiling the opposite gender, I suppose it can be hard to swallow- people are just use to hearing/reading it in reference to woman in other words "we" tolerate it...I'm all good w/ that, but it goes both ways most definitely, and I'VE NEVER HAD A PROB SAYING IT ( I've written some o' those 2) but oh well....I'm a free bird!

    Quote Originally Posted by Halii
    i like it!

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