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Thread: Who was at the baltimore show?

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    Who was at the baltimore show?

    That show was live as was actually my first tech show and it was a good one...i didnt care for the opening group (sum local act),cognito,or brotha lynch....but the rest we're fuckin ill...i thought kali owned the stage the best but kutt n tech were the tightest IMO....i thought it was cool that tech did all his old songs..i got to meet kutt prozak and big scoob too...they were sum pretty cool guys

    that fuckin place exploded when its alive came on n when he started this ring

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    homicydal maniaxe werent good?

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    iunno if it was that they werent good...i think it was more that i didnt kno their songs and at a concert u cant really understand the words(which is all i really care about).....for example i didnt really care for cognitos performance but i like his songs on cd's n sure if i heard their songs on a cd or sumthin i would like em..cuz im sure if tech endorses em then they must b good...ya kno

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