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Thread:'s Top 10 Party Songs for Summer 2010

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    11,216's Top 10 Party Songs for Summer 2010

    not sure if its in order of rank or if these are just their 10 favorites, but the 8th one down looks pretty goodMiley Cyrus "Can't Be Tamed" - Last summer, Disney's pop princess turned
    teen diva threw herself a "Party In The USA," but now she "Can't Be
    Tamed." The transition from Hannah Montana to Britney Spears: The Sequel
    is complete as young Ms. Cyrus spreads her wings and breaks out of her
    cage (literally, if you watch the more-than-mildly risqué music video).
    If the child star is looking to put her wonder years behind her, she
    sure took a huge step with this one. This Spears-esque tune should be
    good for a few cheap thrills on the dance floor.

    Lady Gaga - "Alejandro" - Like every other Lady Gaga tune that's spun
    across the airwaves, "Alejandro" has been beaten into our brains like
    "The Alphabet Song" was in kindergarten. Deservedly so as the reigning
    Queen of Pop has earned her title by penning tunes that even a night of
    heavy drinking won't make you forget. While not exactly a new release
    for the summer, I don't envision the song going away anytime soon. This
    Latin-flavored, disco-inspired single is sultry enough to make sure this
    summer is hotter than hell.

    Lil' Jon (featuring R. Kelly & Mario) - "Ms. Chocolate" - WHAT? Lil'
    Jon. WHAT? Lil' Jon! OKAY! The summer just got a bit more slammin' with
    this rapper/producer's long-awaited solo album, Crunk Rock,
    finally hitting the shelves. Only someone as unhinged as Lil Jon can
    kick the summer off so sweet as he hooks up with R. Kelly and Mario to
    play tribute to his favorite (ahem) 'flavor.' My only question is, does
    Ms. Chocolate melt in your mouth or your hands?

    3OH!3 - "House Party" - Boulder, Colorado's favorite (and funniest)
    crunkcore duo, 3OH!3 is back with more pulse-pounding hilarity on Street
    Of Gold
    . Who better to party with this summer than a band that
    feigned dry-humping a rhino in last year's video for "Don't Trust Me?"
    Sure to be a hit with the faction of college kids lucky enough to not
    spend their time off back with mom and dad, "House Party" insists that
    you 'Fuck tha club!' and keep the party at home. And why not? The booze
    is cheaper and you can puke in your own yard. Play this one loud and
    piss off the neighbors.

    Robyn - "Dancing On My Own" - Swedish pop sensation, Robyn breaks
    through international barriers again with the first of three Body
    albums. While the opening track "Don't Fucking Tell Me What To
    Do" could be an anthem of summer rebellion unto itself, the infectious
    and dance-inducing "Dancing On My Own" is tailor made for long drives
    with the top down, gal-pal sing-a-longs or for anyone looking for a good
    excuse to get their ass out on the floor. Is it just me or does she
    look like a shorter, less scary Brigitte Nielsen? Join Robyn as she
    brings her party to the States this summer for a US tour this July.

    Plies - "She Got It Made" - By the time Florida-based rapper and Big
    Gates Records owner, Plies drops his new album, Goon Affiliated,
    this week, "She Got It Made" will have already been hitting iPods and
    airwaves across the country. Like Rupert Holmes did decades ago with
    "Escape" (otherwise known as "The Pina Colada Song, which Plies borrows
    heavily from here), the rapper lays down some perfectly smooth melodies
    for a full day of drinking in the summer sun.

    Katy Perry (featuring Snoop Dogg) "California Gurls" - We all stood at
    attention, so to speak, when Katy Perry kissed a girl, but now the
    Nashville-cum-Hollywood sensation who has collaborated with the likes of
    Timbaland and 3OH!3 is laying down with dogs as her and legendary
    rapper, Snoop Dogg strike gold with "California Gurls." Aside from the
    song itself, the image of the newly blue-haired Perry scantily clad in a
    jewel-encrusted bikini is enough to make yours truly head for the

    Tech N9ne - "O.G." - Nothing says summer like a BBQ. No place on Earth
    does BBQ like Kansas City and nobody knows Kansas City like her native
    son, Tech N9ne. At first glance, the lead single from Tech's upcoming <i ="font-weight: bold;">The
    Gates Mixed Plate[/i] might sound like a nod to Iced-T, but it's
    actually a homage to KC BBQ guru/founder of the world famous Gates BBQ,
    Ollie Gates. Sounds like Tech has himself a serious case of the
    munchies. Know what I'm sizzlin'?

    Enrique Iglesias (featuring Pitbull &amp; Lionel Ritchie) - "I Like It" -
    If anyone knows how to party, it's the cast from Jersey Shore.
    America's most loved brats bring their antics to an alternate version of
    this Enrique Iglesias hit video this summer for one hell of a rager.
    All the primping and preening the world can't prepare for a situation
    like the one when 'The Situation' and 'Snookie' bust loose to the tune
    of this steamy single. The sample of Lionel Ritchie's "All Night Long
    (All Night)" makes this one a necessity for anyone's playlist. Fist

    Christina Aguilera - "Woohoo" - Baby, it's been too, too long, but
    you're back and goddamn you look better than ever. It's been four years
    since the talented Christina Aguilera dropped an album in the US, but Bionic
    is smoking enough to make up for the wait. The record's second single,
    "Woohoo" is as sexy as the singer herself and promises to be one of the
    most played tunes of the season. True to form, Aguilera is bound to make
    more people sweat than the mid-day heat. Damn right, "Woohoo."

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    Most of them are face palm worthy

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    indeed. lol

    Quote Originally Posted by World Famous Dirty 530
    Most of them are face palm worthy

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    Miley Cyrus??? Damn that stupid. LOL> Good to see tech getting that recognition though.

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    christina is still lookin fuckin hot as ever. but music wise i hate all of the above but tech

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    great for Tech, but when you all the other jokes there you begin to think Tech shouldn't be there lol...

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    That's pretty dope that Tech was recognized.

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    Mainstreams going Tech

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    Real Talk

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Mettler
    Mainstreams going Tech

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    stopped reading at " Miley Cyrus "Can't Be Tamed"

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