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Thread: 816 boyz & nnutthowze NEW TECH 9 GROUPS?!

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    816 boyz & nnutthowze NEW TECH 9 GROUPS?!

    So idk if this is already a thread but i'm pretty sure that:

    816 boyz is a group wit krizz, kutty, makzilla, & tech. because areola and flip cam both have a krizz verse, kutt verse, tech an like four bars of makzilla.

    nnutthowze was an old group but like i've said numours times i' heard tech say he wanted a new nnutthowze wit BLH, EM, T9, & sundae too bad eminem isnt down, but wiki says the pre order track whats your psycho is preformed by the NNUTTHOWZE, so is it official?, i think so......

    whats you thinkin'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Laird

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Laird

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    fuckin hick, learn how to spell.

    no, you're my pally pal.

    Quote Originally Posted by Prinzyk
    Oh shut the fuck up you faggot goon, go suck off some imbreds dick that needs a licking bitch, fuck you.

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    Hell Yeah is what im thinking i have been waiting for something new from nnutthowze. As for 816 boys im anxiously waiting that to

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    im not gunna hate on you but seriously wayyyyy late

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    just got internet back man lol

    Quote Originally Posted by matt meyer
    im not gunna hate on you but seriously wayyyyy late

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