Something I wrote that goes well in my opinion with the Song Microphone by Slaughterhouse

Give me so feedback! I just started writing not long ago at all..

<em>Ive written rhymes</em>

<em>and spitten rythms like zero time</em>

<em>but I finna find my passion</em>

<em>imbed it all up inside ya minds</em>

<em>its about time I showed yall</em>

<em>what I been nurturin for long time</em>

<em>make ya never forget it</em>

<em>burn it into crops like alien signs</em>

<em>An i dont mean alien</em>

<em>like a gruesome horror creature</em>

<em>I mean unique and complete that your gonna want me 2 be featured</em>

<em>on every album and every song you ever wrote</em>

<em>cuz compared to the rest you all just seem like motha fuckin jokes</em>

<em>you niggas choke</em>

<em>you like a broken record playa</em>

<em>all stuck on repeat</em>

<em>we never know what the fuck you sayin</em>

<em>betta get a job</em>

<em>cuz thats the only way youll eva make a livin'</em>

<em>gott put down that mic</em>

<em>cuz youll neva make a livin just spittin</em>

and when you see them lames all on MTV actin cool

just know there aint nothin true bout a single thing they do

they fling they money and sling they chains like they got talent

but in truth the producers are the ones who tripled they checking balance