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Thread: Can I get a "The Ugly" Album??

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    Can I get a "The Ugly" Album??

    "You Dont Wanna Funk". "Redemption". "Dark Knights". "Somethin's Gotta Give". "Calling My Name". All 5 songs from "The Ugly" section are filled with emotion over beautiful beats and I loved every second of it. Even the features from Joe Budden, E40, BG Bulletwound and Lynch were on point as fuck. It would be similar to Tech's K.O.D. album, but I just feel THIS TYPE of music so much more than songs like "Naked" and "Flip cam". Kutt even fucked around and threw some autotune bullshit on some of the songs early in the album which forced me to skip straight through. Overall I would rate the album an 8 out of 10 because I understand what Kutt was trying to do, but it seemed like some of the songs were just thrown together early in the ablum.

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    This. It seems he's already sliding into the darkness with the fans not buying his shit. The album was dope. And the autotunes on Flip Cam was cause its the 816 boyz.

    Quote Originally Posted by Clark
    No. You got five songs. Take a lesson from Tech. Bringing too much darkness in is a bad thing. I dont want Kutt to be as depressed as Tech has been. And I thought Raw And Un-Kutt was a great fucking album through and through.

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    I agree with your statement, but I am not saying make everything dark. I am talking about the emotion that Kutt brought with those 5 tracks. Most of the other tracks seemed like he was just going through the motions. I really felt every word on The Ugly section.

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