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Thread: Mortal Kombat trailer

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    Apr 2009

    Mortal Kombat trailer

    See below

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    Apr 2009

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    Glad to see they went more on the realistic side this time around who is the director I dont feel like looking it up

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    Apr 2009
    It's gonna be sick as fuck. I loved the older movies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Schizo

    Quote Originally Posted by F.T.I.

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    Feb 2009
    it might be a teaser for the new game but i REALLY hope this is gonna be a movie.. i read it on

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    Apr 2009
    this not a trailer but a short movie by Kevin Tancharoen as a pitch to reboot the series to remake a new movie for it to Warner Brothers so actors not for sure if they do make it hope they do Michael Jai White is one of my favorite action stars looks ok not great but decent for MK fans u know

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    the background music in the beginning is from the resident evil movies

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    Damn that was amazing. I wish they would make that into a movie

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    If that's part of the real movie. ..only got one word. ..SICK! !

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    Only thing I didn't like is them changing character origins. That should make it interesting to see how other characters are changed (Raiden the god of lightning and Goro half dragon half human). I like the whole concept behind it though and thats rare for me when I'm such a big fan of something. I don't like change, but this may be for the better as a movie.

    Hopefully this means a game (not a game based on the movie) will be released around the same time with all the hype.

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