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Thread: strange needs to bring grant rice back

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    strange needs to bring grant rice back

    im not saying be on stage with them. like he use to but do music with him or have him do a solo album he has a sick ass voice and sick rhymes. the empire cd was fucken dope hes sick on every song. and he was there at beggining of strange fucked uped he not now think him and trav have to do a sit down and work things out just my opinion

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    i agree, but i think he has his own record label now

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    Man tell me about it! Grant Rice is a beast! I really think that should happen. I am really surprised that he isnt doing more things with strange because he was on The Flamez Mixtape on some songs. To me it would of been great to have all the artist that Tech did with through out his carrer (Minus Don Juan and Midwest side) and just collab on some shit. But most deff have Grant back wit Strange

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    Grant Rice is dope, I wish he would come back and collab more.

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    hell yea hes dope

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