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Thread: New Song: I Got This: Part 1 of a 45 Day Online Frenzy called 9-11 Chronicles

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    New Song: I Got This: Part 1 of a 45 Day Online Frenzy called 9-11 Chronicles

    So im doing something different for me. For the next 45 days im writing , recording and releasing a new song every day and posting it on every social networking site, sending it to the hottest radio stations in LA, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, St Louis, Kansas City, Miami, Philadelphia and New York, and going to hit up any online site as well that allows independant uploads in the chance of being noticed. I know its slim but fuck some of these stories of artists being discovered is from the chances they make that seem slim at the time. Anyways heres the first installment entitled I Got This. Let me know what ya think, comments feedback, critiscm, anything welcome. I been apart of for a while and know some haters going to bash bu t at the same time i really love the feedback good or bad so again appreciate your support and shit and have a safe day.

    illie uno

    day 1 of 45

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    Part 2 of 45 comes out tomorow: Reppin My city and remember all 45 entries will be solo tracks!!!!

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