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Thread: IS IT JUST ME ?????

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    IS IT JUST ME ?????

    When Tech raps first on a song and does what he does best. DESTROYS THE TRACK. Then the other artist have to try and compete with that its almost impossible and sometimes its hard for me to listen to the rest of the song. I noticed this especially on Boiling Points"Paint On Your Pillow Case". Man Tech KILLED that shit and Aqualeo just couldnt hold it down. The last verse in particular.No disrepect to any artist Tech works with.But Damn if im swimming against Michael Phelps i know theirs no chance at winning but im going to do my best. That Last Verse on Paint On Your Pillow Case makes me sleepy. Dope Beat Seven..

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    you know although i dont agree with Paint On Your Pillow Case, i do know exactly what your talking about cause theres a few other songs like that for me like "Fan or Foe" and a few other that dont come to mind. thats why i like songs like Loud or My World. and even songs hes featured in like Midwest Explosion or Midwest Meltdown when he kills it.

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    yea like potlucks 2 songs with him that i know of...cant remember the names lol but yea they all ways have 1-ton rappin after tech lol

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