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    Ok, everyone knows that its gonna be with the dirty wormz but does anyone think that smackola (frontman of the dirty wormz) will flow on any of the songs?? I personally hope not! I don't like his and swagger. Also, will there be like collabos on there?

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    I'm hoping the lead singer of Dirty Worms will not be included in Kabosh

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    Me too dude! I don't like him, but their music will be fire with krizz and tech. Don't you think?

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    I like the remixes a whole lot.

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    I wish Hed PE could be in Kabosh instead of Dirty Wormz, but oh well.

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    Damn, that'd be sick, or critical bill man. I like the fact that tech wants the dirty wormz tho, they're from texas and so am I. : )

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    Filthee Immigrants did a nice job on remixing ICP's shit.

    I think the hardcore scene needs people like this, not just band status but acutally focusing on the entire musical performance.

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