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    Need answers

    I haven't been following Strange enough lately besides buying albums when they come out and such. Just found out Kutt's album is coming out on Tuesday. Wow.But anyways, I just heard the track "Whats yo psycho" and I'm wondering if thats a new song or did Icyroc finally release some of the old nutthowze tracks?

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    its a completely new track.

    tech said hes kinda starting up nnutthowze again with brotha lynch and sundae. and tech isnt gunna be known as tech n9ne while he does songs for nnutthowze, he'll be known as B.A.D, pronounces Big 80. ..."80/A.D." referring to his initails. kinda weird if ya ask me. but whatever songs still kick ass lol

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    Thanks for that. Im way out of the know.

    Anything else I should know? haha

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    wait, whose initials is he refering to?

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    Tech is refering to his initials.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Kaufman
    wait, whose initials is he refering to?

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    "Big Aaron Dontez."

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