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New York, NY-(M.P.R.)-- Just when you thought he's done it all, Hellz reinvents himself with intensity. Many artists struggle to stay current, fresh, and original, but this is no obstacle for the "New King of New York." His creative talents keep his audience on their toes, anxiously awaiting his next move. This is what sets Hellz Yea! apart from the rest. While other artists are thinking in the now, Hellz is light years ahead of them. The lastest project from Hellz Yea! is sure to be a catalyst to the ever growing digital downloading phenomenon. Introducing, the iPhone, iPod, iPad Hellz Yea! app. Powered through MobBase, this app allows avid listeners to view photos, listen to tracks like, "I'm Iller Free," "Street 411," and "Over," watch the lastest videos, and more from Hellz Yea!. With this friendly moblie app you can keep track of all the goings on with the New King of New York. The app, for a limited time, will be available to download for **free** in the iTunes app store. Or you can download the app from the link provided below. Wheather it's riding the train or walking in between commutes, there's no reason not to have good HipHop at your leisure. Therefore, if you want good HipHop? There's an app for that!Download the Hellz Yea! app. Available free, for a limited time. www.WeAreMoxiePR.comget@wearemoxiepr.com twitter.com/moxiepr