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Thread: Slaughterhouse Signing With Shady Records

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    Slaughterhouse Signing With Shady Records

    Joell says its almost finished and mentioned that they've already been in the studio with Em.Personally i can't fuckin wait for their new album...

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    thatd be pretty cool. i was completely disapointed with their last album. one or two good songs, but other than that they all sound they same, its just too hard to take 4 guys from 4 backgrounds and try to mesh.. maybe theyll get it right on this cd

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    GAY!!!!!!!!!!!! EM IS GAY!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE GAY FOR SIGNIN TO SHADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE SLAUGHTERHOUSE FO ME!!!! OH WELL THE ALBUM I DID BUY WAS DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    personally i hate slaughterhouse... theyre selling out as we speak.
    all overrated.

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    This is new and exciting...oh wait....

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    How the hell are they selling out? Their talent was noticed, and Royce and Em go way back, you should be glad that Slaughterhouse is gonna be in the forefront of hip hop, rappers are gonna have to step their game up and stop with this nonsense that has been on the radio. All these dudes are amazing; punchlines, metaphors, story telling, everything. And if you are a total Tech pole jocker, take solace in the fact that if Slaughterhouse blows up and goes multi-platinum, they were Tech N9ne's openers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pimp Limp
    personally i hate slaughterhouse... theyre selling out as we speak.
    all overrated.

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    They've been saying this for a while now,according to next from amalgum digital he says no one even bought out the existing contract or handed in the albums that ortiz and buddens owe to amalgum or e1,

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