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Thread: Help From A Music Lover

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    Help From A Music Lover

    Music is my life. I love every genre whether it be Rap, R&B, country, pop, everything. Of Course Strange Music is at the top. I'm always looking for new music and if ya'll could help me it be great. I love artists that can sing and rap like Wrekonize, Krizz, and Irv da Phenom. I also love intelligent music like Aqualeo, JL of B.Hood, and Jeff Turner. If ya'll had some cool people you listen to that I don't probably know of then please help me expand my music and tell me! thanks.

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    If you want back in time a bit, go for the originals and the best. G-Unit made, what I think, is the greatest rap song of all time, 'Poppin them thangs', never gets old. You can also listen to Sticky Fingaz, DMX and Onyx, all have made great songs!

    If you want to try something entirely new, you can try some 'bassline' music, like Tom Zannetti. The lyrics aren't always entirely great as it's all pretty 'chavy', but the tunes are great.

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