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Thread: Denver Show

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    Denver Show

    Whos gonna be at the Filmore this Saturday. and also what are their smoking policies. am i gonna get kicked out for lighting up blunts? Most places say you will but dont

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    they dont fuck with me but ive heard of peolpe getting busted so just look over your shoulder

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    There isn't supposed to be any smoking inside, but everyone does it anyways, just wait til it gets packed, then it is much easier to smoke, and don't be all obvious about it cause they have people that look for people smoking.

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    i'll be there!

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    Most of the time if they see you smoking anything they tell you to drop it and put it out. Never seen anyone get taken out for it. I'll be there for sure. Balcony. Wonder how pissy people will be when we go through the middle of the line through the doors on the side.haha

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