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Thread: Kutt Calhoun - Raw & UnKutt (Full Album Sampler)

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    Kutt Calhoun - Raw & UnKutt (Full Album Sampler)

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    *The featured artist is not complete


    1. The Deal (Intro)
    2. That's Kutt Calhoun (Ft. Jerita Streater)
    3. Get Kutt [Explicit] (Full Song)
    4. Naked (Boom Boom Boom) (ft. Tech N9ne &amp; Krizz Kaliko (Full
    5. Only Knew
    6. Buy The Bar
    7. Flip Cam
    8. Kansas City Shuffle
    9. Hey Hey Hey (Raw And Un-Kutt) (Full Song)
    10. Calm Down (ft. Stevie Stone)
    12. She Wants Me (ft. Irv Da Phenom &amp; Too Short)
    13. Laughing Stock
    14. You Don't Wanna Funk (ft. E-40)
    15. Redemption
    16. Dark Knights (ft. Brotha Lynch Hung)
    17. Somethin's Gotta Give
    18. Calling My Name

    Check It Out Here

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    is this legit? I don't trust anyone from the batt kave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Native Amerikilla
    is this legit? I don't trust anyone from the batt kave.

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    its a rip from amazon

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    More breaking news from the ratt cave

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    can n e 1 post n actual link. I'm not home right now,on my phone, n I can't sign up for the gay website or use Amazon

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