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Thread: boiling point is so sick worth the buy

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    boiling point is so sick worth the buy

    i got my pre order wow so much better than ebah the song should i kill her is so sick and actually all the songs are great, the last one alone is ok its diff and im a little disappointed on brotha lynchs verse but the song hunger still good, anyone else heard it? Or got theirs yet?

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    sorry the Song is called should i killer! typo lol

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    I think Uralya and Heavy are the best tracks. I hate the features besides Krizz. I should be getting my pre order Monday.

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    yeah this is te best shit in awhile i swear yo should i killer is an incredible song, as is the whole ep. i do wish he would incorperated skank hoe and slut butt into the ep tho cuz everything else was continued upon. SHUT HE FUCK UPPPP was also the intro to uralya and the ebah landing was reversed at the end of Alone so it all tied together except we dont know why skank hoe and slut butt were calling lol. but yeah anyways i love this, totally worth the buy, DO IT NOW MAGGOTS haha jk.

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    Fire in the ac is amazing, i love the way tech flows

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    1. URALYA - Song goes hard and the video is sick

    2. Hunger - Cant get enough of the chorus, love this track as a whole

    3. Alone - Hard not to love krizz

    4. Paint on your pillowcase - Decent song, aqueleo is good, not great but its a good song

    5. Heavy - Nothing wrong with this track but it just doesnt jump out to me, kinda gets lost in the album

    6. Fire in AC - good concept for a song although some of the lyrics leave me wondering what its really about. People died in AC, dont talk about how its your biggest market, that is so small in the big scheme of things, why bring it up. Also the beat and the lyrics just dont mesh well to me, seems like the timing is off

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    i heard it shit goes hard alone was a little disappointing but i think my fav was fire in ac kali smackola and tech all kill their verse

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    Alone and Paint On Your Pillowcase were my favorite tracks, both solid songs imo (although the hook for Paint On Your Pillowcase was a little annoying). Fire In AC and URALYA were good too, enjoyed them as well but I don't think either of them were "great." honestly didn't like Heavy at all, other than the beat. I really liked the hook for Hunger but none of the verses really jumped out at me. Should I Killer was kind of a mixed bag for me, some parts were good, some were forgettable but it wasn't a bad track. Overall, it's definitely a good EP and I'll pick it up when the EBAH/Boiling Point double package or w/e comes around, or at least until we get a Strangegiving or Christmas sale. A step up from EBAH and Klusterfuk, but still had a few tracks that are gonna get skipped after awhile (most people who've replied seem to have clear favorites and other songs they don't care for.) Not the EP of the year from Strange imo, but definitely the best one Tech has put out this year.

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    HEAVY gos hard i love the beat

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    Uralya - Not bad, not great, weak hook

    Fire in AC - pretty sick song, like the beat, woulda been much better with no features

    Should I Killer - Another pretty good song

    Hunger - Severely disappointed in this song, Tech was whack as fuck and so was Lynch it's like they didn't even try and it's the perfect song for Lynch too, the chorus is really catchy though that's the one good thing about it

    Paint on your pillowcase - Two things that Tech does great on one song, Sex and Darkness. Aqualeo was better than they usually are but I think this track coulda been way better with just Tech

    Heavy - An average song, not really much to say about this one.

    Alone - Another song about a very repetitive topic with Tech but he still manages to make it really good, Kali did a great job on the hook too

    Overall this EP is better than EBAH but still nothing on it really stands out as a great track.

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