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Thread: Hip-Hop Websites??

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    Hip-Hop Websites??

    Hey, wondering what websites are best to keep up to date with hip hop.I currently use this website and i dont count thisis50 as 50 cents website cause its not updating on him specifically. i would like to leave out all specific websites when throwing suggestions (assuming thats obvious). anyways let me know, thanks.

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    also, checking the history in the forum seemed pointless for me. and dashadyspot used to be okay with update (not as good as it could have been) but they are the absolute worst now. so im looking for 'current' favorites. thanks

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    i use or all hip hop is a much smoother and put well together site but sometimes hiphopdx gets things a day early but only sometimes hope this helps

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    I would go with one compares to them if you ask me and they are always on Tech as well

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    In this month's issue of the "The Source" (sorry about the picture quality)

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