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Thread: R.I.P Clayton J.L. Steele!!! xoxox :(

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    R.I.P Clayton J.L. Steele!!! xoxox :(

    2 weeks ago today a faithful fan of techs took his own life. he was the love of my life and i tried to stop him but it was too late. his momfound him hanging from an extension cord in his room. i know some of you will talk shit just to be assholes but i need some support so i ask that if you have any advice please send it. i already feel guilty for not making phone calls soon enough. R.I.P juggalo !!!! we love you forever!!!

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    and if you look at the photo youll see why soooo many people mistaked him 4 tech n9ne even tho they look nuthin alike!

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    how fucked. sorry for your loss


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    why did he do it ?

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    I'm going to say, I'm not a fan of suicide. I find it to be the cowards way out of hard times. BUT, I don't mean any disrespect by saying that. I too lost a close friend to the same thing, he also hung himself. Its a tragic, horrible thing that will scar you for life, I know all about it. The pain will never go away, but it will get easier as time goes on. The next year will be hell for you, but sooner then you realize, the pain will fade away. You will be fine. Just stay strong n shit. And good luck.


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    He did look like a young Tech, by the way.

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    he had similar issues with lust that tech does.....and he broke up with with a few weeks ago and realized just how bad he fucked up and he felt like shit for the women he hurt over the years he said all we did wrong was love him. it is fucked up and suicide is a stupid decision to make. but he felt so low. he couldnt live with what he has done in his past. he was animal when it came to women which is why he enjoyed tech so much......but then he realized what his actions did to me and he realized how much he loved me. he said that the only way he couldnt hurt me no more is to no longer be in my life which is wrong cuz now i hurt everyday. but suicide is a mental illness every living creature has that instinct that voice that says survive and once a person looses that voice ....the shit hits the dick....and many problems may occur ..(suicide being the worst)

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    damn he looks hella like tech.

    RIP, sorry for your loss

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    Any loss is hard. Keep your head up and dont let the rain come down to hard. God bless lil lady.

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    thank you guys so much i really appreciate it and yes its strange how much they look alike. and how much they were alike. tech was born nov 8 71 he was born sept 8 81 ......when it comes to personality they were much alike.... i just feel guilty bcuz he sent me a text saying goodbye forever and i didnt take it serious. he will live in my heart forever...again thnx for the support and words of encouragment i need it at a time like this

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