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Thread: Official PS3 Discussion

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    Official PS3 Discussion

    Checked the site for any other threads but couldn't find any relevant to this.For all you PS3 gamers, discuss the best games or find some friends to join up with here.I'm a recent owner of a PS3 and looking for some good peeps to play with and have some fun, add me if you wanna hit up some co-ops or somethin.PSN: ABrockmanGames: MW2, Resident Evil 5, Bioshock, Need for Speed Shift, Fallout 3, Dragon Age: Origiins, God of War collection, Heavy RainMainly playin MW2 at the moment and looking for someone to run through RE5 with maybe.Anyways, hit me up, and feel free to discuss any new/old games, I'm always lookin for good games to play.

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    Senior Member Gareth's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    Best game for PS3 right now is MW2 thats all i usually play, level 70 3rd prestige, i should be level 1 5th prestige by now tho cuz ive been at level 70 for like a month and a half now

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    jeremyzakrajsek add me

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    Senior Member Rusty's Avatar
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    add me rustysmi420 always on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Mulholland
    PSN Name


    Hit Me up...And Come Sign up For The Batt Kave..Awesome Place To Get New Music and Bull Shit With Technitions...

    I Run The Strange Music Group So if There is Anything i Can Do For u Just Let Me Know

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    Senior Member Rusty's Avatar
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    whats everyones PSN name

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    my games are MW2, Blur, and MLB the show 2010. Blur is a bad ass game. someone hit me up on MW2 or blur tho.


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    Senior Member Nick James's Avatar
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    Is Black Ops our yet?? That game looks hard as fuck.


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    November bro lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Laird
    Is Black Ops our yet?? That game looks hard as fuck.


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    Mostly on MW2 or inFamous. Just downloaded Planet Minigolf from the PS Store, shit's fun as hell when you got a group of people over.

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