Songs kinda about me and life was messin around one day and laid down a quick chorus and 3 verses BUT you only get one til i record it!
I hate conformity
and normality
and as it stands to this day nobodys lookin down on me
nobody frowns on me
life of the party me
drinkin liqour while i hang around and spark some weed!
i love to party
ya thats my shit
and if you wanna fucking party then come party bitch!

ya i love to party
lets get this party started
drinking bacardi
get drunk lets get retarded
no we dont need no ids
im only fuckin nineteen
i love to get drunk
get high
oh my why
yes that is my scene
gettin crunk with my party crew
no punks my partys cool
everybody wants to lay back
smoke blunts and yes i do too
everybody dancin
goin into rooms depantsin
havin fun everybody act a fool
nobody gives a fuck cuz our partys rule!
if enough read and want the next verses let me know!