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Thread: kod dvd

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    kod dvd

    what did u think of the kod tour dvd

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    It was better than Strictly Strange, both are really dope though.

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    the bonus content was kind of dissapointing..but i liked that they went through the whole show without cutting parts off..

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    just like strictly strange

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    I liked Strictly strange better

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    I liked the behind the scene stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Sickaluffagus
    KOD was better then stricly strange thats for sure BUT i liked what came with the strictly strange preorder vs. KOD preorder

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    I've never been to a show so i loved it, It just gotta me pumped up for the show in chicago next month.

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    why did he take that off?

    Quote Originally Posted by joe
    they were smart by runnin music over the billy jean part of i see it. and they cut out the "paul wall said hed do me up a red grill" part of bout ta bubble. does anyone know if they do all of caribou lou this tour or what?

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