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Thread: Krizz Kaliko Neh'Mind Preorder

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    Krizz Kaliko Neh'Mind Preorder


    1-Knock Ya Wig

    2-Damage( ft. Snow tha Product)

    3-Way Out


    5-Get Throw'd(ft.816 boyz)

    6-Strange(ft.Tech N9ne)

    7-Proof of God

    TBH I can't wait for it. Iloved Kickin' and Screamin', and all the other work Krizz has put out! Discuss...

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    Senior Member zee's Avatar
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    can't wait keep pushin' albums,ep etc juss like Master P back in da days lol Krizz never disapointed me

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    Maaaan! These motha fuckers better quite wit this drop 3 EP's a month shit! I work at motha fuckin' burger king. I can't be buyin all this shit! i ain't even got my hands on ces cru's EP yet. my next check will go toward: Kelvin, Ces, Tech BP and the rest gon have to wait. These nigga's needa take a fukin break for about a month er so dam

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    not signed

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    Exactly what i thought wheres our signed copy's? Will still be pre ordering though love Kaliko's work!

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    Like AKS posted..Krizz said he is signing all pre-oders just so everyone knows

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    Kickin & Screamin was really good. im excited as to what he'll do for this EP and Son Of Sam LP

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    i kinda missed it i guessed.... Son of Sam will be December? hes working on it? Releasing it? 2012? 2013?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gavyn Gunn

    Kickin & Screamin was really good. im excited as to what he'll do for this EP and Son Of Sam LP

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