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Thread: Phoenix AZ RADIO show Technician love

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    Phoenix AZ RADIO show Technician love

    anyone from phoenix knows their hip hop radio is wack compared to the rest of the country so i simply asked one of the hosts whats up and he got a lil nerve struck if you ask me just saying. im not even dissing the guy I just simply said something he didnt like i guess. Was I wrong to put that comment up or was i just keeping it real?

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    Kev is right brotha, Tech has been a friend of mine for years and he will tell you that it is the program directors that cause him not to be played.... not dj's. Kev is a supporter and brings up Tech in other interviews as well. I understand your frustration but u picked the wrong avenue.

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    but did he have to tell me fuck you and shit i didnt say anything like that to him

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