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Thread: Please fix mobile forum

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    Senior Member Cam's Avatar
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    Mar 2012

    Please fix mobile forum

    Idk if its just my phone but the forum for this site wont load activity its just blank.. Fix?

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    We're on it. Thanks

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    Same here

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    Jan 2010

    Yup mine to...Thanks

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    Dont know about yours, but I have to switch the settings on my phone to view the site. I have to open my internet settings and switch to a "mobile view" setting. I would try that until the problem gets resolved.

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    Mar 2012
    Ice cold: i have an iphone i dont got that option. Strange Admin: thanks its working now

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    Looks like this issue has been resolved. Are you guys able to see the latest forum updates now via your mobile phones? If not, you may want to clear out your browser's cached files and cookies for the network, sign back in and double check.

    All good from your end?

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    Yep it is now working, thanks

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