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Thread: Em vs cognito

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    Em vs cognito

    Personaly I think they are both dope as fuck, but i couldnt help but notice how similar these 2 songs are whats your guys thought, maybe im just crazy

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    Lyrics are completly diffrent but the songs both about fucked up relationship's

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    I think they sound alot alike when cog sings a little bit. He's alot like em but maket wise thats not such a bad idea. The lyrics are supposed to be different. But when he sings the hook he sounds exactly like eminem. The hooks sound alot alike too though with the delivery and same bars almost. I think cog is harder than em though.

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    im not a huge em fan, but he will destroy least lyrically!! cognito is still tight though!!

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    Cognito is better.

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    I said this the day I heard twisted love. I said wow this sounds alot like love you more by eminem.

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    i dont think they sound as similar as people say. I'm a huge Cognito fan and he is a beast, but I mean its Eminem. He's in a league of his own

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    yaw shouldve compaired "i'll kill u" and "thats how it is"

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    When was twisted love made?

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    All white rappers sound the same, fact.

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