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Thread: A Yearly Strange Music Festival

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    A Yearly Strange Music Festival

    Who Would Like A Strange Music Festival?

    Kinda like Psychopathics Gathering of the Juggalos.

    Coheed and Cambria had a 4 day fest where they played an album in its entirety each night.

    it would take a week, but I would LOVE for Tech to do that.

    Monday - AngHellic

    Tuesday - Absolute Power

    Wednesday - Everready

    Thursday - MLK

    Friday - Killer

    Saturday - Sickology 101

    Sunday - KOD+ Lost Scripts

    Granted one of my favorite things about a Tech show is the randomness of it. You never know if it will be the whole song or just a verse, and you never know whats coming up next. In a perfect world he could have every guest for Sickology. He could do his own set every night and there is also the rest of Strange now and the people affiliated. Kutt, Krizz, Scoob, Prozak, Cognito, and Lynch as well as Skatterman & Snug Brim, Project Deadman, maybe some Psychopathic Members.

    Anyone else into the idea of this? How do we get Tech onboard. You know it'd be dope, and if there were a yearly Strange Festival I would never miss it.

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    Senior Member Nick James's Avatar
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    I think thats kinda the point of Strange days tour. But it would be awesome if they did that. A whole week like swagstock.(sorry if thats just local). Or like Memphis in May. That would be the shit.

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    That would be hella dope! But doubt it will happen

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    That would be dope.

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    Senior Member Nick James's Avatar
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    Hell yeah. The Headquarters for most of all members of strange. Or they could maybe move it around but it'd be better if it was in KC. On a private strip of land that people can really party at with no cops and no bullshit like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by STR@NG3 7-ONE-9
    where would it b tho? kc,mo?

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    Hellz yea! I'd be there!

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